Meet Kyle Swartz

Agency Owner

Meet Kyle Swartz, the founder of DeltaV Insurance Solutions based in sunny Orlando, FL. As a non-captive (independent) broker, Kyle operates with one guiding principle—putting clients' needs first. With a year of expertise in the insurance industry, he specializes in providing tailored health and life insurance solutions for individuals, families and small businesses. Representing multiple esteemed carriers like United Healthcare and Allstate, Kyle's unbiased approach ensures you get the best coverage that aligns with your lifestyle and business requirements. Trust in Kyle to be your advocate in navigating the complex world of health insurance.

The Name Explained

In the realm of aerospace engineering and orbital mechanics, 'Delta-V' (ΔV) is a term that signifies the 'change in velocity' needed to execute a maneuver between different orbits or celestial bodies. In these settings, Delta-V is more than just speed; it's about the precise calculations and energy expenditures required to transition from one point to another, making it an indispensable concept for space navigation.

In plain English, DeltaV represents change and precision, qualities that are at the core of DeltaV Insurance Solutions. Just as Delta-V calculations guide rockets through space, we guide you through the complex maze of insurance options. We're all about pinpointing the exact changes—big or small—that can make your insurance coverage not just adequate but exceptional. In short, we provide you with the expertise and tools to shift from financial uncertainty to solid, personalized protection in both life and health insurance for individuals and small businesses.

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